WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin Updates at HELIX

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How Are WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin Updates Done At HELIX?



Good things happen in the wee hours of the morning.  At least they do here.

One of the major benefits of hosting your WordPress sites with HELIX is that HELIX takes care of all WordPress, plugin and theme updates for you automatically while you sleep. Or while you’re out raising hell.  Either way.

HELIX checks for available updates and installs them for you automatically according to the following schedule:

Development sites: Every Tuesday morning

Live sites: Every Thursday morning

HELIX will update your development sites on Tuesday morning, giving you time to make sure everything looks OK on those sites before your live sites are updated.  Try to take a few minutes to check your development sites on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  If you find anything that looks broken, please let us know before the scheduled Thursday morning live site updates.  We’ll look into it for you to ensure that HELIX doesn’t accidentally break your live sites.

Want to learn more about HELIX live and development sites?  Here’s a useful article.

Please keep in mind that if you use any custom plug-ins that you’ve developed outside of the WordPress plugin repository, HELIX won’t be able to automatically update those.  You’ll have to manually update those via secure FTP  when your developer releases updates versions.  The same applies to some paid plugins or themes.  You may have to manually update those if the plugin vendor requires activation or special licensing procedures.

Confused about keeping your site updated?  HELIX cares.  Ask us a question and we’ll get you answers.  Its what we do.

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