Frequently Asked Questions

How is HELIX different from other managed WordPress platforms?

HELIX is a full-service hosting and website management platform that automatically 1.) performs WordPress patches and updates for you, 2.) protects your WordPress sites free SSL and enhanced security to stop hacks and defacements, 3.) accelerates your sites without using plug-ins to keep your visitors and the search engines happy, and 4.) fixes issues with servers, and even whole data centers to keep your sites online 24/7.

HELIX is unbelievably easy to use, freakishly fast, and secure AF.

All our plans come with a free SSL certificate – a necessity for site security, customer piece-of-mind, payment gateways, and search engine rankings.

Is HELIX open to the public?

HELIX is currently in private beta. We’ll be launching shortly and accepting customers a few at a time. HELIX manages your site for you automatically, but we onboard customers the old-fashioned way – with real human contact!  Sign up here to be notified when HELIX is ready to work for you.

How do I get started?

Getting started with HELIX is easy. Just sign up here to get on our waiting list. We’ll keep you posted with HELIX news and updates, and cool WordPress tips and tricks while you wait. When HELIX is ready for you, an actual live human being with contact you to start the process of setting up your HELIX managed WordPress hosting service.

How Much Does HELIX Cost?

A WordPress site hosted by HELIX including all management, acceleration, and security features carries a cost of $59.95 per month.  HELIX offers a 15-day no obligation free trial on every hosted site.  Reduced price packages for agencies hosting a large number of sites are available.

How is HELIX so fast?

HELIX is so ridiculously fast because it was designed from the ground up with WordPress in mind.  HELIX uses multiple layers of high-performance server goodness along with aggressive transparent intelligent page caching (no plug-ins needed) and a global content delivery network to ensure that your sites load insanely fast at all times. HELIX even accelerates SSL enabled sites!

What makes HELIX so secure?

HELIX is was built with a wealth of WordPress security knowledge and experience in his neural net. Armed with this information, HELIX automatically and transparently adds additional layers of enhanced security and restrictive file permissions to your WordPress sites, all designed to stop the bad guys from hacking or defacing your creations. HELIX provides you with easy ways to manage your content without accidentally opening your sites up to miscreants so you can sleep easy at night.

How much RAM or storage do I get with each plan?

Essentially as much as you reasonably need! Since the HELIX platform includes so much caching, acceleration and other server and network level optimization, we don’t have to be terribly restrictive when it comes to things like RAM or CPU cycles. Unless you tell us that you’re storing hundreds of gigabytes of images, or handling millions of page views every day, the standard HELIX hosting plan will get the job done without requiring that you keep track of every byte you upload and every page you serve.

Can I host multiple sites with HELIX?

Yes! We’re happy to host as many WordPress sites as you’d like us to. Each site hosted by HELIX is fully managed and automatically secured and accelerated for $59.95 per month. Each HELIX hosted site includes both live and development versions at no cost.

What is an SSL certificate, and why do I need one?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a global security standard. In your internet browser, an SSL certificate triggers the padlock symbol and https protocol in your URL bar. It proves your identity to protect users from spam and phishing attempts. Further, SSL adds data encryption and privacy to payment gateways, data transfers, and other communications between your site and your visitors. And yes, an SSL certificate does boost your search ranking on Google.  

HELIX provides a free, self-renewing, globally recognized Lets Encrypt SSL certificate for every WordPress site we host.  You’ll be protected by SSL, your visitors will be happy, and your search engine ranking will be enhanced, all automatically and at no additional charge.

What Control Panel Does HELIX Provide?

There is no control panel required when you host with HELIX, for two reasons.

Control panels that give you “one click” WordPress installs are the root of what makes WordPress inherently vulnerable to defacement and hacking.  HELIX is very strict in the files and directories he allows the webserver process to modify and execute code in, so a control panel that dumbs down the mechanics of WordPress hosting simply wont work in this secure environment.  

HELIX does WordPress installs for you (properly and very securely), handles all your backups, manages your file and folder permissions to keep things safe, and essentially removes the need for a control panel.  As a purposely smaller boutique hosting company, the HELIX team is happy to interact with you when you do need help with your account and can perform tasks for you quickly upon request.

Secure FTP, access to your WordPress database (both provided), and WordPress itself  is all you need to work effectively, efficiently and safely on the HELIX platform.

Will HELIX make me use any special software or do anything different than my old hosts?

While HELIX is different than other WordPress hosts, working with WordPress on the HELIX platform requires no special software.

You will learn to use secure FTP to install themes and plug-ins, which takes about 10 minutes to master. Once our customers are in the swing of working with WordPress in this more secure environment, there is zero impact on workflow. A small adjustment in how you work will go a long way toward preventing the usual WordPress problems you may have had at other hosting companies.

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