WordPress Management – Outsourcing That Makes Sense

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WordPress Management. Outsourcing That Makes Sense

What if I told you that managing your own website might be the most expensive decision that you make? That the time it takes you to do updates, backups, and restore your site if it goes down uses your most valuable resource: time?

They say that the man who represents himself in court has a fool for a lawyer. The same may be true across other industries. And just like in court, where a little bit of knowledge isn’t enough…neither is it enough when managing your online presence. Ultimately, the person that manages your website should know what they’re doing, have a plan in place, do frequent backups, know how updates for themes and plugins work, and know what to do if those updates don’t go well.

If you think you know enough to manage your own website, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know why themes and plugins have updates?
  • Do you know what can happen to a site when plugins and themes are not updated?
  • Do you know how to back up your site in case something happens to it? And if something does happen (you get hacked, you make a huge mistake, or your server crashes) would you know how to redeploy your site?
  • Do you understand how to update plugins and what can happen if one plugin update causes a conflict with another?
  • Do you know how to update your site’s theme? (And any themes you’re not using but you’ve installed?)
  • Do you know how much time (and angst) you can save by trusting this to someone who does know all these answers?

If your answer to these questions is no, or you’re not sure, then it’s time to trust your online management to professionals.

Managed WordPress Hosting companies are the professionals that know the answers to all of these questions – and more. They also know that your site is important to you, and how to keep it running so you don’t have to think about it.

Most people wouldn’t do their own catering, and house painting, and lay their own floors, and do their own business accounting, and fix their own cars, and…well you get it. Why is this? Because 1.) they would rather trust a professional, and 2.) they would rather spend their time making money than spending it and not making any at the same time. Think of it like an insurance policy for your website.

When you trust your WordPress hosting and management to a professional, you have peace of mind, and you can use your time doing what you do best – making money for your company.

Your online presence is your reputation to every web user. Trust it to the professionals.

Michelle Ames

Michelle Ames is the host of the WPCoffeeTalk podcast.

As a pay-it-forward WordPresser, you will often find Michelle mentoring others, job coaching, and teaching WordPress and marketing classes. “Others have helped me get to where I am today, so it feels right to help others climb the career ladder, too,” she says.

Michelle is the author “A Good Firm Handshake (and other essential business tips)” available on Amazon.com. Say hi to Michelle on Twitter at @michelleames.