Backup and Restore at HELIX

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Backup And Restore At HELIX


HELIX automatically makes a complete backup of your site (both live and development environments) every night.  Backups are stored in multiple locations, and retained in a way that allows us to restore your site to a point as far back as 6 months ago if needed.

Q. How many backups do I have available to me??

A.  Both your live and development sites always have 14 days of backups available.  We also take one snapshot each month that is stored in long term safe storage for 6 months.  We have you covered with backups!

There’s no need for you to run any backup plugins, or for you to worry about managing backups in any way.  HELIX does it all for you?

Want to back up your site right now before you make changes?  Just use the form below to ask HELIX to run a backup for you.

If your site is damaged in some way and you need to restore it from the last backup (never more than 24 hours old), HELIX can do that for you too. Use the form below to request that your site be restored from the latest backup (never more than 24 hours old), or from an even earlier backup.

Backup and restore requests are often indicators of an emergency, so they’re treated as top priority.  HELIX will act on them immediately.

Want to do a quick backup or restore right now?  Just have backup or restore questions?  Reach out!  We got you!

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