Top 5 WordPress Plugins For 2019 – Game of Thrones Edition

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Top 5 Game of Thrones WordPress Plugins for 2019

You’ve seen probably a billion “top plugins” blogs and videos in the last year, but this is the only one that really counts.  Grab a ram’s horn full of mead, get snuggled on your iron throne, and lets take a look at the top of Game of Thrones WordPress plugins for 2019.


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This plugin is lightweight with very little impact on the speed of your site, but its surprisingly effective.  Install the Dracarys plugin and watch it reduce the websites of your competitors to ash.  Trust us, its quite a scene when it happens.

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Night King 404

Nobody likes a 404 page.  The Night King plugin eases your pain by raising your lost pages from the dead.  So useful .. until your formerly dead pages start eating all your other pages.  Gotta take the bad with the good we suppose.

jon snow

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Using WordPress child themes? This theme management plugin makes it impossible to know which parent themes are really yours. You think you know, but there’s usually some twist that you didn’t see coming.  Turns out that free theme you downloaded is actually a direct descendent of Aegon the Conquerer.


Photo: HBO

Theon’s Slug Generator

This is all kinds of fun.  Install it and sit back while the plugin changes the slug for all your pages and posts to “Reek”.  Hilarity will ensue, but over time the slugs will all slowly revert to their original names and identities.  Plugin redemption arcs.  So satisfying.


Photo: HBO


This is an excellent plugin that so many people love, but for some reason as your site gets older the plugin appears less and less, presumably because the Dracarys plugin is eating up the entire CGI and special effects budget.

Do you have a favorite Game of Thrones WordPress plugin?  Let us know on Twitter with the #GameOfWordpress hashtag.