HELP! My Site Isn’t Loading!

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HELP! My Site Isn’t Loading!


Every once in a while, something will go wrong with WordPress.  Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.  If something goes wrong, you might see any number of bad or error pages when you try to load your site.  Lets take a look at a few of the most common:

Error establishing a database connection

This error happens because the web server is unable to communicate with the database server that handles your site’s database. This can occur if you have an error in your wp-config.php file (which you should RARELY touch).  It can also happen if HELIX is experiencing technical difficulties.

Back End Fetch Failed

This error tells you that HELIX’s caching layer is unable to communicate with the back-end web server handling your site. This isn’t your error.  HELIX is probably already aware of the problem and working behind the scenes to fix it as quickly as possible.

Internal Server Error

This is a generic error that tells you that there’s probably a coding error somewhere on your site.  We can help you find that error by searching your log files.


This error indicates that there’s something wrong with the permissions setting on a given file or folder. If you upload a file or folder via FTP and you’re setting permissions too restrictively, the web server process will not be able to read the file to serve it to your visitors.  If you’re uploading via FTP into wp-content/uploads, you should be setting your folder permissions to 755 and your file permissions to 644.

Too Many Redirects

This can happen when you use redirects either via a plug-in or in .htaccess files, most often designed to force SSL connections(you don’t need to do that – HELIX already does) or change one URL to another.  A circular redirect will cause this problem so be careful in managing your redirects.

Need help with your site?  Thats what we’re here for!  Reach out and we’ll get you what you need right away.

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