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Mia Voss – A Tale Of Courageous Reinvention

By February 9, 2020 No Comments

Mia Voss is awesome. Her courage and creativity in finding new niches and re-inventing herself in different roles is inspiring.

Listen to Mia tell the tale of her long and winding road from commercial insurance, to functionally-focused building inspections, to Google+ live streamer, to storytelling, then to travel and automotive blogger and influencer.  Mia’s story is one of recognizing opportunity, then pouncing on it even when it represents a total departure from the past.

Along the way Mia used her experiences as a woman in male-dominated businesses to propel herself into a position of advocacy for women and the purchasing power of women in the marketplace.  Her perspective on women and the traditional need to be “easily explainable” is very insightful, and explains her uncanny ability to connect with and inspire empowered women.

Mia has spoken about the “shame” of appearing “not creative”.  We explore this topic, then highlight how Mia’s continuous re-invention represents a form of creativity that many people fail to see.

This episode is well worth the listen.  Thank you Mia! 🙂

Find Mia at https://miaonthego.com

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