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Matthew Kotze Goes From A TOWARD B

By March 23, 2020 No Comments

When you’re in the business of delivering sailing yachts, you can never be sure when you’ll actually get to point B … or when plastic cutlery and zip ties will save the day.

This is the story of Matthew Kotze, who went from surfing and the beaches of South Africa, to the stodgy world of investment banking, then to life on the open sea. Matt is the founder and owner of Thumbs Up Yacht Delivery based in Mallorca.  Matt is in the business of moving sailing yachts from port to port in the UK and all around Europe.

The process of building this business required Matt to learn on the fly, accept reality without regard for ego, and align his business values with her personal values and his general outlook on life. In the end, what he got was a business that ebbs and flows financially, but provides ample opportunity for creativity, personal relationships with clients, and a happy family life.

Matt’s business requires him to accept uncertainty, a bit of danger, and a steady stream of changing conditions.  It involves thinking creatively on his feet, a willingness to do whatever needs to be done, and acceptance whatever the universe throws at him along the way.  The business was built directly on blood, sweat and tears.  First there was sailing and seafaring experience. Then there was the courage to dive all the way in on a dream. Finally, Matt added a substantial amount of time learning and applying guerilla marketing, SEO and business development methods.

This is a story you’ll want to hear.  The end result is a life and a business that fit together seamlessly. It seems to me that Matt could not be happier about it!

Find Matt online at sailingyachtdelivery.com

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