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Kathy Klotz-Guest Is Keeping It Human

By February 14, 2020 No Comments

What do you get when you combine an impressive education, experience in tech marketing, and a love of stand-up comedy and storytelling?  You get Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping It Human!

Kathy is a textbook example of creative problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking.  People create products and services.  People use products and services.  Yet the traditional approaches Kathy found in her mid-90’s tech marketing jobs seemed to completely ignore the people and humanity.  As intelligent humans are prone to do, Kathy saw a problem, then set out to solve it.

Armed with the skills she was honing doing stand-up company and improv after hours, Kathy started to introduce idea that telling stories and bringing humanity into the picture could change everything in marketing.  Long before YouTube and social media changed the face of marketing, Kathy was laying the groundwork.  Improv and comedy were fun and invigorating.  Corporate tech marketing was not.

Armed with the idea that people relate to real people, humor and even vulnerability, Kathy left the corporate world behind and set out to turn marketing and selling on its ear.  She was brave enough to call the marketing establishment on its tone-deafness.  Using the first feedback coming back across the early Internet, Kathy started to convince the establishment that she was on to something.  Marketing was really storytelling. It required experimentation and risk taking and a willingness for brands to abandon the safety of the corporate monolithic image.  Brands had to become human, and Kathy was ready to teach that lesson.

What followed was 20 years of innovation and creativity in storytelling on both business and comedy staged in the San Fransisco Bay area.  There have been seminars, workshops, speaking engagements, and books.  When Kathy says things, smart marketers listen.  Her commitment to creatively changing the face of that business is paying off, and its a GREAT story.

Imagine that?  An expert storyteller with a great story to tell.  Thanks Kathy!  I appreciate you taking the time to tell your HELIX story. 🙂

Find Kathy online at https://keepingithuman.com

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