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Kendra And The Creative Spark

By February 9, 2020 No Comments
HELIX Stories - Kendra Beavis

Today on HELIX Stories we hear from Kendra Beavis, founder and chief designer at MOKA.  Kendra and I discuss the nature of creativity.  Aside from being my friend and a valued partner, Kendra is an infectiously positive human being.  Kendra’s LOVE of all things creative and design inspires her to not only create for herself, but to inspire her clients and friends to explore their own creativity.

Kendra started MOKA after arriving in the world of “big design” after art school. Discouraged and disillusioned by the impersonal nature of the work she was doing, Kendra struck out on her own.  Armed with the positive experiences she gained growing up in a family business, MOKA was created to give Kendra and her team the opportunity to do work they love to do for spirit-aligned clients.  Kendra’s love of humans translates into a very personal, deep-dive branding process that produces spectacular results for her clients both professionally and on a personal level.

In February of 2020, Kendra launched Creative Spark, a free 30-day program designed to help EVERYONE get in touch with their creative side. We discuss how adults lose touch with the emotional and mental freedom they enjoyed as children, which can stifle creativity.

Thanks, Kendra!  I could not have asked for a better first guest for HELIX Stories.  🙂

Find Kendra and Moka at https://thinkmoka.com

Learn more about Kendra’s Creative Spark program at https://thinkmoka.com/creative-spark

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