Securing Your Site With an SSL Certificate at HELIX

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How Do I Secure My WordPress Site With an SSL Certificate?


Keeping your visitors safe and the search engines happy by securing your site with an SSL certificate is a good idea.  Its such a good idea that HELIX automatically protects every site with an SSL certificate as part of the deal.  No extra charge.  Nothing for you to configure.  Really.

HELIX will automatically provision and install a free self-renewing LetsEncrypt domain validation SSL certificate on both your live and development sites for your protection.  These certs are recognized by virtually every major current desktop and mobile browser and self-renew without requiring your intervention every 90 says.  Click here to learn more about the LetsEncrypt project.  We’re fans!

If you already have an SSL certificate for your site, we can install that for you with a one-time charge, but we STRONGLY suggest that you simply use free our LetsEncrypt certs unless you have a very specific reason for wanting to use your own.

If you move your site from HELIX to another hosting provider your SSL certificate will not move with it.  You will have to work with your new provider to secure your site with SSL>

Need help with SSL certificates?  Just have a question?  Ask us!  We’re here and happy to help.

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