Making DNS Changes at HELIX

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Making DNS Changes at HELIX


HELIX is fanatical about uptime! DNS control is a big part of that.

When you host your WordPress site with HELIX, letting us handle DNS for your domain means we can automatically update DNS entries behind the scenes when we need to. This allows HELIX to get around server, network or datacenter issues that could impact the availability of your WordPress site.  Looking for maximum uptime?  Let HELIX handle DNS for your domain.  Its part of the deal … totally free!

From time to time you may need to make DNS entries or updates for your domain name.  Maybe you’re moving your email to another provider, or adding services that require DNS entries.  HELIX understands and we’re here to help.

At present, we do not provide a customer-facing DNS control panel. If we handle your DNS for your domain and you need to make changes (new hostnames, MX record changes, etc.), simply use the form below to make your request.  We promise to act within an hour in the vast majority of cases.

If we do not handle DNS for your domain name, please contact your DNS provider when you need to make changes or updates.

Need DNS updates?  Have DNS questions?  We want to hear from you. We’re probably just sitting around drinking coffee waiting for something interesting to do. 😉

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