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Getting Ready For Helix

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Getting Ready For HELIX

Thank you for choosing HELIX!  We really appreciate it!

A member of the HELIX  team will be reaching out very shortly to begin the process of getting your WordPress site up and running on our platform.  Please watch our short video on moving to HELIX, then take a few minutes to gather the information we’ll need to get you set up.

Watch our short video about moving your WordPress site to HELIX.

Things you’ll need:

  • Your domain registrar (i.e. GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.) login and password.
  • The hosting control panel login/password at your existing host.
  • The FTP login and password at your existing host.

We’re going to move your site for you at no charge with ZERO DOWNTIME and no impact on email or any other services.  We’ve done this more times than we can count.  We promise it will go very smoothly.

Bonus Fun!

While you’re working on gathering all the info you need, why not take a few moments and follow us on your favorite social media platforms (links below), or get to know HELIX musically!  Check out the HELIX Beats, Riffs, Grooves and Jams playlist on YouTube or Spotify.  You might find yourself picking up what we’re puttin’ down!