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Accessing Your Database using PHPMyAdmin

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What Do I Need To Access My WordPress Database at HELIX?

You’ll need the following information before you can access your database directly:

  • The database hostname
  • The database login
  • The database password

All of these items were provided to you by HELIX when your site was initially set up. Keep in mind that this information is unique for each site you host at HELIX.

NOTE: Please proceed with caution when directly accessing your WordPress database.  It is possible to completely break your WordPress site if you make a mistake in phpMyAdmin.

Accessing Your Database Using phpMyAdmin


  1. Open your web browser of choice (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.)
  2. Enter the database access URL provided by HELIX when your site was set up.  This will look something like https://wp6.iamhelix.com/phpmyadmin.
  3. When presented with the phpMyAdmin login page, enter your database username and password.
  4. Click the “Go” button to log in.
  5. Once logged in, access your database by expanding it in the left pane of the phpMyAdmin window
  6. To log out, use the “door” icon.

That’s it!  Fast and easy direct access to your WordPress database. 😉

If you have questions about accessing your WordPress database using phpMyAdmin, please let us know. We’re always happy to help.

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