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How To Avoid Needless Website and Email Downtime

By June 3, 2019 No Comments

How To Avoid Needless Website and EMail Downtime

10:30 AM.  Monday morning.  Your website and email are suddenly down.  Nobody is happy. Here we go …

You know that thing where there’s nothing technically wrong with your website or email, yet nothing is working?  When everyone is screaming at you to figure out whats wrong because money is being lost?  Then it turns out to be that your domain name has expired without you knowing?  Then you take like 45 minutes to figure out where the name is registered and how to get access to that account so you can renew it?  Then even after you renew it it takes an hour or two for things to start working again?

That thing.  Maybe you’ve been there.

Why does this happen?  How can you make sure it doesn’t?

The best way to keep this kind of disaster from ruining and otherwise nice day is to maintain control off all the assets connected to your site.   Know who your domain registrar is. Know how to log in to that account.  Know the DNS servers for the domain name and who the email hosting provider is.  Know all the logins and passwords for those services and of course for your current web hosting account.

If you aren’t doing this already, do it today.  It might take a little digging to get all the information you need, but its WELL worth the time and effort to save lots of heartache down the road.  After you record it all in a safe place (we even made a free fillable PDF that you can use for this – see above), set reminders in your calendar 30 days before everything expires and/or renews, including the credit cards used to pay for all these services.  Trust us, it will save you from certain doom one day.  Well maybe not doom, but at the least a crappy Monday morning.

Avoid Website Meltdown…

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