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Installing and Managing Plugins With Encrypted FTP

By May 4, 2019 No Comments

Installing and managing WordPress plugins at HELIX means using encrypted FTP.  This is likely not the way you’ve done it with other WordPress hosts, but from a security standpoint this is a better way.  Once you get into the flow of using encrypted FTP to manage your plugins, you’ll be happy knowing that you’re helping HELIX keep your site safer than its ever been.

What Do I Need To Manage Plugins With Encrypted FTP at HELIX?


You’ll need the following information in order to manage your WordPress plugins with encrypted FTP:

  • Your FTP hostname
  • Your FTP login
  • Your FTP password

All of these items were provided to you by HELIX when your site was initially set up. Just plug them into your FTP client (we love FileZilla) and you’re ready to go.  If you need help with understanding or setting up encrypted FTP, check this article.

Installing A Plugin With Encrypted FTP

  1. Find a WordPress plugin that you’d like to use.  Check the WordPress plugins repository.
  2. Download the plugin to your computer (it will download as a zip file)
  3. Unzip that downloaded plugin file.
  4. Connect to your WordPress site using encrypted FTP
  5. Navigate into public_html / wp-content / plugins
  6. Upload the unzipped plugin folder from your computer to the server
  7. Log into your WordPress site back-end as usual.
  8. Go into the plugins section of the dashboard.
  9. Find the plugin you just uploaded
  10. Activate that plugin

Thats it!  Your plugin is now the activated and ready to use.

Deleting A Plugin With Encrypted FTP

Deleting a plugin using encrypted FTP is even easier.

  1. Log into your WordPress back end in your web browser as usual.
  2. Go into the plugin section of the dashboard
  3. Find the plugin you want to remove
  4. Deactivate that plugin
  5. Connect to your WordPress site using encrypted FTP
  6. Navigate into public_html / wp-content / plugins
  7. Use your FTP client to delete the plugin folder

Thats it!  You’ve deactivated and removed that plugin.

Still need help working with plugins?  Ask us.  We’re happy to help at any time!

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