HELIX makes managing WordPress easy.

Here’s what HELIX does for you:

Automatically back up your site every day, without the need for clunky plug-ins. You always have access to the most recent backup via secure FTP, and HELIX will keep up to 6 months worth of backups for you off-site.
Restore your site to any point up to 6 months in the past when you ask him to.
Automatically install WordPress core updates for you when they become available.
Automatically install plug-in and theme updates for you when they become available.
Automatically check and adjust your file permissions several times each day to be sure that your site remains locked down and safe
Roll back any plug-in or theme update to the last known good version in the event that anything breaks in an update
Automatically install and maintain a transparent caching layer in front of your site to accelerate things for you without requiring any plug-ins
Automatically serve your images and other static assets from a worldwide content delivery network (CDN) if required
Automatically watch your log files for you for hints of errors or other potential problems that you should be looking at more closely
Protect your site with a free, self-renewing LetsEncrypt SSL certificate to keep your visitors safe and your search engine rank high.

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